About the Department


The Department of History, now part of the Institute of Humanities, is one of the oldest and leading centers of Humanities and Education Polytechnic University. Teaching history began at the Polytechnic Institute in 1902. At the Polytechnic Institute worked such well-known historians such as I.M. Graves, A.A. Kornilov, D.M. Petrushevsky, L.P. Karsavin, V.A. Bystryanskaya, V.V. Danilevsky, etc. After the revolution, history education in technical colleges were implemented mainly through courses of historical materialism and the principles of Marxism-Leninism.

In 1934, to improve the training of engineers, in the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute established the Department of the History of Technology. In 1957, a government decision on the organization of separate departments of dialectical and historical materialism and the history of the CPSU . Was elected chair of Professor N.V. Telegin . From 1985 to 1988 headed the Department Associate Professor V.N. Swedes, and from March 1988 - Professor R.V. Degtyareva. In 1989, instead of the Department of History of the CPSU at the Polytechnic Institute was organized by the Department "History" (in 1989-2000 headed by prof. Degtyareva R.V., in 2000-2013 by prof. S.B. Ulyanova, with 2013 - Acting Head. prof. S. Kulik).

The basis of the original teaching development department is the development of multi-disciplinary approaches. Today the department "History" provides teaching a basic course on the history of all the faculties of the University, as well as a number of specialized and elective courses - History of Science and Technology, Economic History, History of books, design history, science and technology, etc.
The scientific work of the department is subject to problems of advancing knowledge through research, protection and promotion of social values.

The main research directions are:
- History of Russian state institutions in XIX-XX centuries . (Michuryn A.N., Fomicheva L.S., Kashevarov A.N., Bocharov A.A., Ofitserova N.V.) . Supervisor – A.N. Kashevarov
- Intellectual History of Russia XIX-XX centuries: Science, high school, public opinion (Aladyshkin I.V., Vedernikov V.V., Lagushkin S.G., Mikhailov A.A., Sydorchuk I.V., D’yakov B.B.). Supervisor - Mikhailov A.A.
- Applied Research in Education (Matveichuk E.F., Ulyanova S.B., Taran A.N.) . Supervisor - Ulyanova S.B.
- Research on other topics can be implemented as research initiatives carried out under grants, etc.

According to a special program works Research and Education Center "The history of science and technology" (supervisor R.V. Degtyareva, director Boronin V.N.), which cooperate historians and technical experts. The same purpose and promotes existing at the department of postgraduate studies 07.00.10 "The history of science and technology". During the period from 2008 to 2012 faculty and graduate students and doctoral reserved 16 master's theses, published 14 monographs and collections, more than 200 articles .

Acting Head of the Department Doctor of Sciences, Professor Sergey Kulik
Phone: (812) 534-7521